Why buy when you can JUST SWAP!

Swapping allows parents to manage their children wardrobe in a more environment-friendly and wallet-friendly way. As your child outgrows or no longer need any item, you can simply swap them for more suitable items they like, without having to spend alot of money (or any at all!) Most importantly, this is a much more eco-friendly way then just throwing it away.

Little Treasures Swap promotes a more sustainable environment by letting the items we no longer need, live on. We enable a community of thrifty parents to attain high quality items for their children, without having to pay a high price.

The items we curate in our site offers you up to 90% savings off retail price! Bringing you more cost savings if you swap them with the items you no longer need!

We pay you store credits of up to 70% of the resale price that we list on our site. Start shopping instantly once you receive the store credits!

Email us or Contact Us to arrange for a *FREE pickup!

*Free Pickup for a minimum of 8 acceptable items. Limited time only!

Selling – Leave all the hassle to us! You no longer need to list, photograph, negotiate and put up with nasty buyers. Saves you time & effort in arranging for meetups & mailings too!

Buying – Preloved shopping is made much more convenient and user-friendly with our well-organised product listing. Saves you the hassle of searching the items you need and meeting up with sellers!

All items we curate are of high quality, produced by reputable brands with either retail or online presence in the market. Items produced by random factories will not be offered in our site. We also ensure that the items are from authentic brands.

With our stringent quality control and acceptance criteria for items we take in, you can be assured that the item you receive is as described in the product listing.

In the unlikely event that the item you received does not match the descriptions on the product listing, or you are dissatisfied with it, you may call us to arrange for a return, at no extra cost*!

*Terms & Conditions apply.