We know that sometimes you would prefer to receive cash as payout. We will offer Consignment terms for items that are accepted. We will pay you 30-70%, depending on the quality and resale value of the items.

We welcome all well-known brands (usually they should have an online or retail presence). Usually, unacceptable items are made by random factories. Please also ensure that the brand labels are intact and that there’re no stains, damage or strong smell (example cigarette smell). Items have to be cleaned and washed before you packed them into your swap bag.

Our strict acceptance rules ensure that we provide only quality items for our community. This will also provide a great peace of mind when you shop with us. Please click here to know more about our Quality and Care.

Step 1: Fill up your cleanout bag

Fill the swap bag with gently-used children clothing and items suitable for newborn to 12 years old. Learn more about what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Step 2: Order a pickup (It's free*!)

Call us to arrange for a pickup! * Free pickup until further notice.

Step 3: Internal Quality Check

Once we’ve received your swap bag, our Quality Control Team will check that the clothes and items are in good condition, in accordance to our acceptance guideline.

In the event that the clothing or items you’ve sent in are rejected by the Team, we will inform you and arrange for your pick up. If you would like us to send it back to you, extra courier charge (of $10 per trip) is applicable.

Step 4: Preparation for Listing

Our team will proceed to prepare for listing on our website. We will sanitise the items, take photographs and list them under the Product section.

Step 5: Order Fulfillment

We take the hassle off you by delivering the entire order fulfillment from listing to delivery of your items.

Step 6: Cash Payout

Once your item has been sold, it will be reflected in your Account’s Consignment page. As soon as you have accumulated at least $20, you can choose to receive cash payout via bank transfer.