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SWAP For A More Sustainable Environment

We might already know the effects of over-producing and the harmful series of problem it can post to our environment. Every year, hectares of land are being filled with discarded textiles. At Little Treasures Swap, we encourage parents to swap their children clothing instead of buying new all the time.

FREE* pickup during our Pre-launch period. Just fill up your Swap Bag with your kids clothing and other items to exchange for credits to be used in our site to purchase for other quality, gently-used items for your growing kids.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 90101784 for a *FREE pickup now!

*Free Pickup is valid until further notice. Need a minimum of 8 items to qualify for this promotion.

Leave all the hassle to us! We will handle the entire process from photography, listing to delivering the orders.

Too many things your kids no longer need cluttering your house? Use them to exchange for items your kids truly need, without spending any money!

Take a look at our hassle-free process in our Swap Guide!