Brand Story

It all started with a happy problem...

As a parent, I find myself having to manage 3 wardrobes of clothes for my 3 fast-growing kids. Every other month, I got to refresh their wardrobe with bigger-sized clothing, clothes that are too old or soiled, or simply those “I don’t like it anymore” clothes. Piles and piles of clothes starting accumulating in my storeroom and it remained a “pain in the neck” for me who aspires to have a “Marie Kondo” lifestyle. Over the years, I tried various ways to discard the clothes.

Trouble Discarding The Clothing

Throwing them in the trashbin is definitely not the best idea! Also, thinking of how they will end up in landfills and the series of environmental issues…. Hence, the most logical way for me is to donate the entire pile to the charity. (Afterall, it’s a fantastic way to contribute to the society!) However, it will be such a waste if the clothing are not handled or pass on properly, some of which are still in mint condition. I wonder if this could go against the idea of sustainable living.

Overspending on New Clothes

On the other hand, I needed to buy new clothes to replace the discarded ones. Quality clothing can be pretty costly and we often have to spend a lot of money on new clothes. I knew I have to find a better solution to this.

Finally, I found some online platforms to sell my kids clothing that are of good condition. On these platforms, I found many great quality items. Soon, I find myself buying them at a fraction of the original price. From this experience, I think I found the perfect solution!

Hassle To Sell/Buy DIY

However, my happiness is short-lived. I realised the hassle of listing the clothing on the platforms. You’ll need to take pictures, write descriptions, negotiate with buyers, answer queries, arrange for meetups deliveries, etc. It’s too much of a hassle! I wish someone could just do it for me!

Perfect Solution for Busy Parents!

There you go, that gave me the idea to create this platform for parents like me. Who wish to find a hassle-free way to sell their children clothing and shop secondhand at the same time.


About the Founder ~ Janet Pei-Wong

A mummy of 3 lovely kids, constantly toggling between feeling her kids are angels or monsters. Janet likes reading and watching Marie-Kondo inspired vids, decluttering and is also learning about ways to encourage her family to be more eco-conscious. She also wishes to do her bit for the environment by starting a community of parents to join her in this journey.